My very first rig: 40m CW monoband transceiver

pwr abt 5W

freq 7.000 - 7.050 MHz


built from kit by

Elecraft K1

20m/30m or 40m/80m

noise blanker

antenna tuner


2m/70cm FM portable for local communication


The other bands besides 20/30/40 and 80 meters were tempting me. The FT-757GX is a nice, small shortwave rig and just about eight years younger than myself. The TX is open throughout the spectrum, so I even have 60 meters now! Since I started on FT8 it suffers the known wobble in frequency. Have to replace the trimmer capacitors soon.


All mode UHF rig. From time to time I call CQ in CW on 432.050 MHz or in USB on 432.200 MHz. Serves for local FM communication and repeaters. Together with linear amp at the back of the rig  it has 25 W.

As it has no subaudio tones, I built a CTCSS encoder for it.